Michael T. RuhlMichael T. Ruhl is a multimedia producer and journalist. He has extensive experience in digital media, including as an online editor at USA Today and web producer for national PBS television program Washington Week with Gwen Ifill. Michael also worked as an audio producer at an NPR station, reported for two news companies on Capitol Hill, researched for congressional publication CQ-Roll Call (The Economist Group) and interned at a U.S. Senator’s office.

Michael has reported on all three branches of government, interviewed more than 100 members of Congress, covered dozens of congressional hearings and press conferences and supported coverage of a Presidential Inauguration, two States of the Union and Supreme Court confirmations.

Skills include producing and editing video in Final Cut Pro, editing audio in Adobe Audition, creating graphics and editing photos in Adobe Photoshop, digital photography, social media management, digital strategy development, editing articles, web production, and website management.